What do you know about millennials or Generation Y? According to Urban Dictionary, millennials are people born between 1981-1991. They grew up on personal computers and gaming consoles, video game systems, and cell phones. That is why Generation Y relies on decent tech in their lives so much. 

But why are we saying "they"? We are the team of millennials adoring a different kind of decent software in our personal and work activities. And mainly we are the fans of apps and programs which help us stay connected and chat wherever and whenever we need it. All of us have found the joy in using Free Facetime Video Call Chat. Let’s get acquainted with us and our little weakness to Free Facetime Video Call Chat. 

Tim, Web Programmer, 29 y.o.
I was born in 1989, and the only mean of connection in my childhood was a walkie-talkie (not a bad invention at all, but unfortunately outdated). So nowadays we, millennials, are forced to use a walkie-talkie replacement which is a smartphone. In terms of chatting and connecting Free Facetime Video Call Chat is the best option I’ve found for myself. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any adult skills to operate it. I simply walk and talk, just as it was in my childhood.

Eleanor,  Graphic Designer, 27 y.o.
I was born in the last year of the millennials era, and I feel connected to the tech and gadgets very much (maybe not so much as Generation Z representatives tho’). I estimate hardware and software that don’t take much time to manage and perform their functions in the best way. That is why I choose the Free Facetime Video Call Chat app for conversations, both personal and business. It is brilliant regarding its performance: nothing excess and everything needed near at hand.

Corrine, Tech Copywriter, 30 y.o.
As most of the millennials, I prefer Apple gadgets and soft developed by Apple. Their products are always on the top: they are reliable, convenient, functional, and simply eye-pleasing. And I can’t imagine my favorite Apple phone without the excellent app, Free Facetime Video Call Chat. I use it for audio and video calls, and chats with other Apple users. It helps us connect and thus we all feel ourselves a part of the extent Apple community. 

So you see, we, millennials choose only the best from the mobile software world. Are you with us?


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