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Release Date Sep 19, 2019
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Free Facetime Video Call Chat Review: What Happens in Apple Stays in Apple

FaceTime is audio- and video call service by Apple, providing voice and video calls (including conferences with up to 32 people). As augmented reality features were introduced, FaceTime offered funny filters and stickers that color and light up your conversations. The only problem with FaceTime is that it’s unavailable outside the Apple ecosystem. 
When 3G networks were first introduced, we thought of video calls as a step closer to the 2015 Marty McFly once visited. But it required more versatile technologies, like Apple iOS or ubiquitous Wi-Fi, to become real. And now we have it in our pockets.
When you download FaceTime iPhone becomes a special kind of device for video chats in a locked circle. You can call anyone you have listed in your contacts… if they’re on Apple too. The app offers much more than it seems at a glance.

Time to Face the FaceTime

When you launch FaceTime on your iPhone, it seems very straightforward, a one trick pony that can only broadcast your videos and audios. It’s very simple to start a call:

  1. Launch the app
  2. Select who you want to talk to (either from call log or all contacts, by tapping “+”.
  3. Wait until the buttons below the list get active. If they don’t in ten seconds, it means that the user doesn’t have an active Apple device, so they cannot answer you. If they get green, press Audio or Video to start the call.
  4. Wait until the other side responds.

When the call starts, the screen seems free from any menus, all devoted to your companion’s face. You just need to tap it to activate the menu.

The feature set that becomes available depends on your device. The basic features include muting the call or switching the camera. If your device is rather modern (iPhone 7 or later), you unlock some more options, based on augmented reality. All of them apply in real time and remain active until you switch them off or replace.

  • Filters. Your image gets processed in real time, looking like painting, drawing, or an enhanced video, Insta-style.
  • Text. If you need some data to be transferred undistorted (like phone number, email, exact time), or just to say something beyond your voice, you can just write it in a text. Letters can be positioned anywhere on the screen, and as you move your head, they follow, this time resembling Snapchat features.
  • Stickers. There is the original sticker set with elementary actions (arrows, crowns, simple forms), enhanced by stickers from different vendors. Say, a popular game Castle Crush offers its own set of FaceTime stickers. Position them on your face or over your head, or on your shirt, and they will follow your movements.

All these processes require powerful AI implementations, so the features mentioned in this FaceTime review may be missing on devices with dated iOS, these features may be missing. As for us, it’s the sign that your iPhone needs updating.

FaceTime Mobile: If You Miss It, You Can’t Get It

In early iPhone years Instagram used to be exclusive, and then it became legal for Android and even Windows Phone devices. The feeling early Instagramers used to have from it is now delivered by FaceTime, something for iElite only.
But can FaceTime ever get out of the iCage? No. If you’re on iPhone, you can afford the luxury of deleting it. But not the other way. As for FaceTime for other platforms: whoever offers you this, they lie. If they offer you a FaceTime APK, you must check the latest Apple news. If Apple hasn’t officially confirmed FaceTime Android release, stay away from what you’re treated with. It may be poisonous, and anyway it won’t work.

FaceTime Desktop: For Your Mac Only

When you have just installed or updated your OS X, your application is there, with no need to download FaceTime manually (unless you have deleted it).

Its pictogram on the desktop looks the same as on iPhone or iPad: a green icon with a white camera silhouette on it. If you have any missed calls, they are displayed right on the icon, with a number. To make calls on your FaceTime iPhone doesn’t have to be online at all; you may do it right on your Mac if it’s online. Its protocol is based on your Apple ID instead of phone number. So, while your phone is completely off, you can make or accept FaceTime calls.

The functionality of the desktop version is similar to that on mobiles. To make a call, you start the application and select the contact you want to talk to. To apply effects, click a mouse on the screen while talking. And if you’re on Mojave, you can make group calls or participate in them.

Alas, FaceTime Video Chat for PC isn’t available now. Despite Steve Jobs published plans on making it an industry standard back in 2010, now Apple decided on the opposite. FaceTime is an exclusive for Apple ecosystem.

When Really In Need

If you’re in critical need to set up FaceTime for PC to iPad or iPhone (say, it’s the only software your kids or grandparents have learned to use yet), you’ll have two methods (and neither of them is perfectly legal, as neither is easy, we warn you, so do it at your own risk).
Running MacOS X with a virtual machine application. In fact, it violates the EULA you are supposed to read when installing it, but we’ve never heard of anyone being banned (or sued, hehe) for running OS X in VirtualBox. So do it at your own risk. The real problem is that it’ll have to run all the time if you expect calls. And it may be incompatible with your camera, so you’ll have to search for the reasons, and maybe buy some new hardware.

Installing MacOS X on your PC (so-called hackintosh). It’s not what Apple wants you to do, neither do we approve o this, thus you’ll need a really good excuse. The problem is that to enable FaceTime on it you’ll need to run OS X as your primary OS. And if you need your PC for some exclusive Windows software, that may cause some problems.

As we see, neither of these ways of getting Apple FaceTime for PC is good enough (though they do well as an emergency solution). So, watch the news. If Apple decides to change its mind, the news will spread around in hours. On hearing about introducing Facetime for PC Mac users’ anger will hit the fans worldwide.

So, when they publish Facetime for PC, Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, XP and even 98 users will have one less reason to switch to Mac. Apple doesn’t seem to need it. So, FaceTime, as simple and fun as it gets, remains a secret within iOS users’ circle. If you’re about to say something important, you can email or facebook anyone. FaceTime is now even more of a party.



FaceTime is just a video or voice call service, but there are two things that make it unique. First, it’s bound to Apple ecosystem, and, while keeping away those on Android and Windows, it gives more freedom to those all about Macs and i’s. Second, it can turn your conversation to complete fun by coloring it up with stickers and signs. So, as long as it’s within Apple, it will be a thing, both technically and culturally.


  • Only available in Apple ecosystem
  • Entertaining features missing in old devices


  • Simple to use
  • Great voice or video chatting quality
  • Augmented reality features
  • Exclusive aura
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